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Custom Coaster Printing

Variable Custom Coaster Printing Image

Unique Printing Process

Sleeve a Message has developed a unique up-to-the-minute printing process that enables coffee shops, bars and restaurants to keep their custom printed sleeves and coasters new and exciting.

Unlike most printing services, Sleeve a Message has no order minimum and has reduced the industry standard lead time from four weeks to only seven business days! This means that with no minimum orders and a speedy turn around, drink retailers can ditch boring static images for fresh relevant messaging that keeps customers engaged.


Variable Print

Through the magic of variable printing Sleeve a Message allows drink retailers to make every coaster different. Instead of having the same message on every coaster, variable printed messages are more engaging and encourage customers to take notice of what’s on their coasters.


Having trouble deciding what images to put on your custom coasters?

Coast a Message’s talented design team is here to help! Whether you are looking for a new coaster logo, creative quotes, or expanded brand recognition, our creative team is experienced at dreaming up fresh, relevant images that will keep your customers engaged. With Sleeve a Message’s creative staff and full color, monotone, or black and white printing options, drink retailers have endless options.

If you have something to say, put it on a coaster today! For more information or to order your custom coasters call 1 (877) 753-3836




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