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Sleeve Programs


Sleeve A Message offers a fun, flexible way to send relevant messages to your desired target audiences and locations. With variable messaging available on an eco-friendly coffee cup sleeve and custom coasters, advertising your products, events and business has never been easier. With affordable pricing and quality advertising time, increase your brand loyalty and awareness fast and easy! Learn more.

The Sleeve Sharing Program is designed to help cafes lower the cost of sleeves and help local businesses and events within the community. In three easy steps, we search on your behalf for a good match, connect with your for an approved partner message and then create a sleeve that results in increased promotion and reduced costs! Learn more.


Sleeve U
With almost every college campus housing at least one cafe, it’s no wonder our Sleeve U program for universities has been such a success. Using customized drink sleeves and custom coasters to spread messages about new school policies, restaurant openings, fun events, club fundraisers and more is a great way to reach the entire student body quickly and creatively. Learn more.

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