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Meet The Team

Dave Dresner

Title: CEO

Bio: David Dresner, CEO, owner, and the brains behind Sleeve a Message. At the age of 10, David came up with the idea to place messaging on coffee sleeves. During his academic experience, David learned what it would take to make a disposable sleeve that was able to relay an updated message after studying the infamous and archaic newsvendor dilemma. After graduating from Washington University’s Olin Business School Sleeve a Message was born on out David’s South City Saint Louis basement. Within the first year of business David grew Sleeve a Message to more than 100 client relationships throughout North America.

Joe Orf

Title: Sales Director

Bio: Currently operating as the Midwest Director of Sales, Joe has held various positions since joining the Sleeve a Message team in the summer of 2012. Joe first joined the team as a sales and operations intern while completing his marketing degree at Saint Louis University. After graduating in 2013 Joe transitioned into a full time employee and has since worked to establish and build relationships across the Midwest. Now a resident of Chicago Joe continues to guide the company from what was once a niche brand in St. Louis to its national presence today. When Joe isn’t slinging sleeves across the US you probably can’t find him because he spends most of his time either lost on a road trip or looking for where he put down his cell phone last.

Jonathan Perellis

Title: Office Manager

Bio: Jonathan Perellis is a 25 year old product of two lawyers, dog loving, all you can eat sushi connoisseur, and most importantly plays the role as office manager of Sleeve a Message. He came to Sleeve a Message with a degree from the University of Arizona and has played an integral part In helping Sleeve a Message grow from the ground up. His passion for helping people on an individual basis has thrived in the small business environment in which, Sleeve a Message operates. When not at Sleeve a Message, Jonathan enjoys being outdoors, traveling to exciting new places, eating strange and unique food, listening to music, playing his drums and piano and most importantly hanging out with his family. If you can’t seem to find him, it is because; he travels the country taking part in civil war reenactments.

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