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Our custom coasters offer a unique and affordable way to promote your brands message, events, a new product, or a campaign. You can order up to 20 different designs per shipment and keep your customers guessing what they’re going to see next. Coast a Message can give your brand the ability to appeal to your target audience.

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Variable Custom Coaster Printing

With Variable Personalized Coaster Printing customers can get up to twenty different images in a single case of coasters!
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coaster printing

Personalized Coaster Printing Design

Keep your personalized coasters up to date and engage your customer with custom artwork.
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Short-Run Coaster Printing

Short-Run Printing Special / 50 Coaster printed in full color, double-sided for only $50.00!
Includes design work and shipping.
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Pledge to Sustainability

Coast a Message strives to be an environmentally responsible company. Our coasters are 100% recyclable because we only use water based inks.
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stencil.facebook-post-40Holiday Coasters

With no shortage of holidays to celebrate, utilizing our customization features to create a sequence of holiday themed advertisements is a great solution for your business. Customers respond extremely well to custom messaging. We offer you a simple and cost effective way to promote your business this holiday season.

Advertising Coasters

Sleeve a Message provides high quality coasters which can be used as advertising space for your business. One of the best features this product offers is the ability to customize your message on each and every coaster. Our templates let you tell us exactly what you would like to put on it in order to communicate with your customers or supporters. Sleeve a Message doesn’t simply give you the ability to promote your business for an easily recognizable advertisement, rather it allows you to reach a targeted and captive audience through mass customization.

Wedding Coaster Printing

Weddings are likely the most decorative events in existence. There will be champagne glasses and cups of punch at every table, providing plenty of opportunities to share a customized message on the coasters underneath. This is an opportunity to add a festive touch to the proceedings with classy messages on custom coasters that match the event’s decor. You may go with a simple message containing the bride and groom’s name with the date, or perhaps a selection of different love poems that represent their union.

Collaborate and Save

The Coaster Sharing Program was designed with the intention of helping small businesses lower the cost of their orders by helping them network. We search for a compatible partner on your behalf – if you don’t have one – and design a coaster that helps cross promote both of your brands. The cost of the order is reduced as a result, and the awareness of your brands are raised! We want to build a strong network between small businesses. We’re passionate about community.

stencil.facebook-post-38Environmental Responsibility

Coast a Message coasters are made up of 90% post-consumer material, water based inks, is 100% recyclable and 100% compostable. We partner with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri to plant tree for every 7,000 customer coasters ordered. Our Sustainable Coast Program is the engine behind our push for environmental responsibility. Our coasters plant trees.

Our Pledge

With the help of Forest ReLeaf, we’ve planted over 5,500 trees. Our partnership allows us to honor a pledge that has yielded numerous benefits to low income, inner city neighborhoods and communities. Community sponsored volunteers plant the trees on public property and take care of them for the next two years. Forest ReLeaf has planted up to 100,000 trees since 1994.

Need Some Inspiration? Check our Five Best Uses for Custom Printed Coasters

Personalized coasters are a staple of events big and small, and one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver your message to friends, family, and potential customers without overt intent. To help you decide which package to go with, we’ve put together the top five uses for coasters.

After you’ve laid out the spread for the event you’re hosting—wings, the chips and dip, the beverages—complete your decorative touches by adding logos to your  coasters. This can be the logo of your favorite sports team or images from the film you’ve all come to watch. Guests will remember that every time they took a sip of a drink and put it back down, they were reminded of the reason you came together.
Wedding Custom Coasters

Weddings are likely the most decorative events in existence. There will be champagne glasses and cups of punch at every table, providing plenty of opportunities to share a customized message on the coasters underneath. This is an opportunity to add a festive touch to the proceedings with classy messages on custom coasters that match the event’s decor. You may go with a simple message containing the bride and groom’s name with the date, or perhaps a selection of different love poems that represent their union.
Network Passwords

We’ve all been to a friend or family member’s house and had to inquire about their Wi-Fi password.   Make it easy for your guests to save their data by providing network name and password on your coasters. This is especially convenient when you have guests that are staying for a while, since they’ll need this information to connect their tablets and laptops to the Internet.
Bar Coasters & Advertisements

Coasters are a boon for small business that want to get their name out there. You can hand them out at events as free gifts and allow the recipients to advertise for you each time they entertain. You can also place them on the tables of your own events.   Further, consider handing them out to the local eateries and bars for free—perhaps with a deal that you’ll do the same for them—and receive low-cost advertising whenever someone uses a coaster.
Event Giveaway

Between weddings, trade events, and promotional parties, you can add customized coasters to any gift bag.   They double as useful gifts the attendees will appreciate and sources of continual advertisement as they are used. Consider ordering coasters in bulk to have enough for all the upcoming gatherings.

The uses for personalized coasters are, of course, not limited to the five items listed above. Many will use them to show their favorite quotes, to display family pictures, or to remind guests to recycle their plastic cups. You have at your disposal the means to express your imagination in the simplest of formats, one that both you and your guests can enjoy at events for many years to come.

Cheap Coaster Printing and Great Hospitality

So, you’re taking a poke around our website and are interested in making custom coasters? Chances are, you wanted to trade in those boring coasters for something fun and unique. Well, you’re on the right path by clicking here! At Coast a Message, our life is devoted to coming up with new ideas that you haven’t thought of when it comes to the use of your everyday coaster (Yes, we lead very exciting lives)

  • “Um…what’s your wifi password?”
    • Have you ever heard this question? If you have houseguests, this question is sometimes inevitable (data ain’t cheap!) Instead of scrambling to find your wireless router, just bypass this question altogether and have the wifi password on the coaster! This takes care of the problem of “Okay, is that capital or lowercase?” No confusion, no problem. And it’s not just for houses either. Working in the restaurant industry, you get asked this question daily. If you can allow it, have the wifi readily available for your customers. That way, they can upload those Instagrams of your food quickly!
  • Make it yours!
    • This idea is pretty easy to guess but needs to be stated all the same. It makes for great hospitality in your business if you have your logo printed on them! This can help stimulate brand recognition in the long run, which is essential. It sets your business apart from the others by not having a common coaster, plus people can even take it home with them to keep! In a house setting, how about putting your last name or initials on it! Our team can help you make some name designs to your fancy.
  • Make it fun!
    • Maybe you don’t want your logo or initials on there? Maybe you just want conversation starters? Sounds good, we have many phrases to put on there! You can have a something as simples as a warm “Welcome!” greeting or “Home is where the beer is.” for beer coasters, or how about, “First date? Ask your partner what is the one thing that they are obsessed with.” It’s quirky and fun and gives people something to talk about.
  • Make it memorable!
    • For many, a stay at a hotel or visit to a hip restaurant coincides with date night or a noteworthy event.  Not only are coasters great for brand recognition and marketing, but they can also serve as a departure gift.  Especially valuable for niche or boutique hotels, custom coasters are a great amenity that reminds guests of a fantastic stay at a unique hotel.  Guests like to take something like fancy shampoos, branded stationery, glassware, and even towels!  Why not provide them with something designed a departure gift?

There are many other ways to use your coaster as a mark of great hospitality! They work well in hotels, boutiques, restaurants and more. They also make great housewarming presents!

Custom Coasters Fantastic for Taste Testing

Coast-A-Message’s variable short run printing allows for multiple different designs in one order.  Variable printing is great not just for branding and marketing opportunities but also practical use.  Coast-A-Message coasters are a great way to present beers and wines during taste testings.  Each coaster can have an image with descriptions of the beverage.  If the taste test involves voting on which beverage an individual enjoyed the most, the coasters can serve as a ballot during voting.  Taste testing coasters are just one of the many ways in which you can get the most out of Coast-A-Message’s custom printed coasters.

Coast-A-Message Business Spotlight, Endless Possibilities, and Sustainable

Whether you are looking for a new coaster logo, creative quotes, or expanded brand recognition, our creative design team is experienced at dreaming up fresh, relevant images that will keep your customers engaged. With Coast a Message’s creative staff and full color, monotone, or black and white printing options, drink retailers have endless options.

If you have something to say, put it on a coaster today! For more information or to order your custom coasters call 1 (877) 753-3836.

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